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The genealogy data was transcribed from the Lignières and Neuchâtel State archives - as well as through the research by Rose (RKKD123@aol.com) and by Anne Morton Head, Research & Reference, Hudson's Bay Company Archives.

Elements I have seem to indicate that this family left red River soon after their arrival and eventually settled in Wisconsin. I have yet to find the descendants of Charles Louis Junod & Marianne Sophie née Monnier to confirm this.

Charles Louis JUNOD, born 8 Feb 1800 in Lignières, NE. Charles Louis marries in Dombresson, NE on 10 Mar 1821 to Marianne Sophie, daughter of David Monnier of Dombresson, NE

Emigration data

From "Le Canada et les Suisses 1604-1974" by E. H. Bovay, page 196 #77
JUNOD, Charles Louis, age 22 (in 1822), from Lignieres, NE, Protestant, occupation vine grower, arrived 1821, departed 1823 approx.
Remarks: 1821, 5.5 Neuchatel: obtains a passport #277 for him and his wife, destination: America.

From "Canadian Historical Review", Volume 22 (1941) page 46
JUNOT, Charles, 22, born Lignieres, Canton of Neufchatel, vine grower, character bad; wife, Sophie, 21, character fair; religion, Reformed Church."

From "Red River Settlement"
This is in a ledger which has an account for Charles Louis Janot. The last entry in the account is dated 9 July 1822. (HBCA, A.16/27, fo. 233d.)

From "Settlement" made by William Kempt in 1822/23 and 1824
The name Junod or Janot does not appear in either index. (HBCA, E.6/10 & E.8/11)

From "Card index to the early church of England registers"
If a child had been born to Charles Louis and Sophie while they were here, as members of the Reformed Church they presumably would have had it baptized by the Church of England missionary. (The alternative was the Roman Catholic missionary).
Could not find the name Junod or Janot.

From "The logs of the Prince of Wales" for 1822 and 1823
To see if they sailed back to Europe in one of those years. Their names did not appear in the passenger lists (HBCA, C.1/799-800)

It appears likely that the Junods were one of the 13 Swiss families who left Red River for Missouri in the spring of 1823.

There is an account of this in Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., The Artist Was A Young Man: The Life Story Of Peter Rindisbacher (Amon Carter Museum: Fort Worth, 1970), pp. 45-46.
Unfortunately, Josephy names only four of the families - Monnier, Simon, Chetlain and Schirmer. Josephy gives as his source an article by Augustus L. Chetlain, "The Red River Colony", Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. 58 (December 1878), pp. 47-55.

Not having traced back the descendant branches (and I am still of the opinion, based on some indications, that there are some alive today), I am of course very interested to receive additional information or reasonable proposal for help.

Please contact me by Email.

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