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Graubünden (Switzerland)


One branch acquired the citizenship of Riein, county Graubünden, in the Alps near Chur. I conducted some research to determine their previous origin - either from county Vaud or Neuchâtel. These were not successful yet as all records from Riein burned down in the mid 1800's.

Descendants settled in Italy, France and the USA.

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Eternoz (France)


Survey conducted in France, in the USA and other countries all lead to a Swiss origin of the JUNOD families established in those countries. For some of the USA residents, the fact that their ancestors may have emigrated to the USA after a short stay in France - or simply using France as a transit country to embark in Le Havre - sometimes started the "legend" of a french origin.

For the spelling JUNOT, found mainly in France, while the origin of this Surname is not known to me for the time being, we can establish that there are far less families with this spelling than the ones with "D" and that we did find at one occasion a transcription error (XVIIIth Century) in official documents, transforming a JUNOD into a JUNOT.

However, we do find one branch in France where the Swiss origins have not (yet ?) been established, which originates from the village of Eternoz (Doubs) back until 1600 to Claude "Junoz" and where numerous descendants are alive today.

This work was made available thanks to long and difficult research by Marie Thérèse Junod and Michel Junod.

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Sainte-Croix (Vaud - Switzerland)


The presence of the Junod in Sainte-Croix dates back before 1397 ("Livre d'or des familles vaudoises" - Lausanne, 1923, p.247).

The results of various research are available (source : Archives Cantonales Vaudoises - ACV - French only) :

  • Raoul Campiche, "Notices généalogiques sur les anciennes familles bourgeoises de Sainte-Croix", (ACV, P Campiche 131).
  • "Généalogie des familles bourgeoises de Sainte-Croix 1500-1700", notaire Bornand at the begining of the 18th century, before the parish registries burned down. (Archives communales de Sainte-Croix or photographed and available on microfilm at the ACV, ref. Ea 28).
  • Family surname file/card index or "Fichier Chastellain" covering the period from 1561 to 1821 (microfilm - ACV, ZC 1).
  • Louis Junod published "Gens de Sainte-Croix et Gens de Bullet en 1550" in the "Revue historique vaudoise" #50, 1942, pp. 41-48. A study based ontax registry called "la taille" of 1550 which gives the name and wealth of all household heads (ACV, Bp 16), amongst whom 15 household where the head is called Junod, Genaud, Geneux ou Genoud (these 4 names cannot be yet differentiated). A genealogy tree would also be available, from the same author, at ACV
I cannot reply to requests linked to this family as I did not research it: staying focused on the Neuchâtel State Junod families from which I descend.

Having said that, the passioned genealogist who would have carried out such research can of course contact me to complete this page with a tree on the first 5-6 generations and a link back to him or her.