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Launched in 1993, my research, first limited to the Genealogy of Junod families originating in the canton (State) of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), progressively extended to allied or linked families in and from Lignières and Bevaix, canton of Neuchâtel, (Switzerland) and Neuchatel, Kansas (USA), before expanding to all linked individuals through alliances.

As of early December 2017, the results represent events related to over 80'000 individuals, 51'000 families, 15'300 different surnames and over 11'000 localities since the years 1300.

The descendant genealogy tree of the Junod from Lignières - if printed top down - starting with Hans Tschiffeli (born ca 1300 and ancestors of "our" Junod, Chiffelle and Cellier) would be over 200 metres long by 1m50 high (22 generations / 7000 boxes), covering over 12'000 individuals.

This Genealogy work was completed with some History of Lignières, through transcriptions of documents found in the village, our county and at the Bâle archbishopric archives in Porrentruy.

The (French) result was collated into a "Chronology of the History of Lignières, from the 12th Century up to 1978", handed over to the "Fondation de l'Hôtel de Commune de Lignières", the village Historical Society, as a contribution to their Historical work on our village.

Trips to France and the USA (California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio) gave me the opportunity to meet descendants of distant Junod cousins who emigrated (for most back in the 19th century) discovering different cultures and ideas - all very enriching indeed !

It is always with pleasure that I welcome and guide cousins on their Heritage tour here in Neuchâtel.

In 2012, five years after joining a DNA based analysis (FamilyTree DNA), marked a significant turn in my research, enabling me to establish formally that the JUNOD from Lignières came from the nearby village of NODS (BE), as did the CELLIER families from La Neuveville (BE). Both our lines link back to the same ancestor "Jehan Junod-dit-Seyllier" (or Sallier) from Nods and split into disctinct CELLIER and JUNOD around 1500.

Even more surprising, is that 150 years earlier, we split again, this time from a CHIFFELLE who married a JUNOD and whose children continued for some under the first surname, the others under the second. The grand-father of this CHIFFELLE was Hans TSCHIFFELI, who came and settled in Nods with his wife Katharina von Rosenegg from Sursee (LU) in the 14th century.

A 1608 genealogy claims that the Tschiffely of Sursee moved to Switzerland from Italy in the 13th century : a Cipelli (or Cifelli, Ciphelli) family from the area of Naples could be the root of the today CHIFFELLE, TSCHIFFELY and other SCHIFFLEY, not to mention CELLIER and JUNOD ! (source - in german).

We are looking for any male bearing the surname CIPELLI, CIFELLI or CHIPHELLI, to help in our research by taking a (easy and anonymous) DNA test. Please contact me...

These pages were originally written in French. Some pages available on the French version may not be available in English (and the reversely also). Various links to local (swiss) web sites are for most in French.

Enjoy discovering and reading and don't hesitate to let me know about corrections and/or additions, by Email.

Nicolas Junod
Y-DNA Haplogr. E1b1b1a1b1a1, E-V13 (V36), S7461 / mtDNA Haplogr. H1n-T146C!

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