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Simon Junod, watchmaker, born around 1800-1810, is said to be from the village of Riein, county Graubünden. He emigrated to Naples with his wife Susanna Gollman (1806 - 1892) before 1839.

They had at least 4 children, amongst which Carl Adolf "Carlo", diamonds merchant and the start of a large family with descendants found today in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Their origin of Riein is a secondary one: unfortunately, to-date and following the destruction of all archives (fire) I was not been able yet to go further back to their true place of origin.

The information on this branch was sourced:

  • For ascendance, essentially Riein Civil registrar and Chur State Archives
  • For descendance, from the descendants of Carl Adolf "Carlo" Junod

I would very much like to enter in contact with this couple's descendants: please contact me by Email.

Descendants Table - 3 generations