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Confraternity of the Bonjour & Junod families...

Founded in 1791

The Confraternity of the Bonjour and Junod families, still active today, is composed of members of the Descendants of the two prominent farming founding families, the Bonjour and the Junod, who meet yearly in their commune of origin - Lignières.


Constitution, on January 2nd, of the Confraternity of the Families Bonjour and Junod, with the goal to preserve and remember the origin of the Association of the two families through capital savings placed and united by the founders, and representing the increase of value of their land, following the possibility and agreement received to keep it closed up ("us de clos").

The Confraternity of the Bonjour & Junod Families (1936)

In 1936, when this article was written, the Confraternity still played an important role in the life of our village. This Confraternity, which dates back to 1788, was definitively constituted in 1791. The roots of its origins are to be found in the land property rights. In the early days, taxes and rights were due to the Prince, as well as some constraints, which do not exist any longer.

But the main constraint was the one of vain pasture, which gave the right to all members of the Community to leave their cattle pasture on any piece of land.

The exemption of this constraint had to be proven by the mandatory right of purchase of a special title called "us à clos", or better "us de clos" which meant use or profit of a fence, and which was first set at 10% of the value of the land, then reduced to 5%, in favour of the Community. Later, around 1785, the said Community of Lignières suppressed this constraint and exempted all owners from this mandatory right of purchase.

However, as this exemption could have been suppressed and, to prevent and prepare for this possibility, our ancestors, as prudent and circumspect as they were, decided to put aside the amount of the increased profit gained through this "us à clos", and constituted a fund.

This profit was estimated at a value of 21 batz per "pose" (unit of surface) where land was harvested, and 10 batz & 2 creutz where land was not harvested.

This is the Origin of the Confraternity of the Families Bonjour and Junod, still active today.

In 1926, Members under 60 and residing in the Commune had to take part to the burial of a Member of the Confraternity. Else they would have been fined Sfr. 2.-.

Today, Members still go to the house of the deceased. The Confraternity was also very active in helping funding the emigration of many members, in particular those that settled in Ohio, Kansas, the 19th Century.

Buying back a memberhsip

By decision of the General assembly held in Lignières on January 8th, 1998 at the majority of the members present, the Bonjour or Junod sons, direct descendants of the founders and not yet formally registered, have the possibility to apply for their membership to the Confraternity (called "la reprise" in french), under certain conditions, for exemple :

  • No direct ancestor pulled out of or excluded from the Confraternity (by refund of the paid capital for exemple)
  • The membership is accepted together with the "reprise" (and settlement of the missing generations)
  • The descendant will present all copies of certificates (for ex. birth) proving the direct line consanguinity.

Membership by bearers of the surname Bonjour or Junod

By decision of the General assembly held in Lignières on Januar 9th, 2016 and at the unanimity of all members present, the direct descendants of the founders of the brotherhood, bearing the surname Bonjour or Junod (women or men) can be admitted in the brotherhood.