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Charles Louis JUNOD was born 1 Jan 1812 in Lignières, Neuchâtel, Switzerland and died 6 June 1889 in Scott, Indiana, USA)

He emigrated to the USA in 1857 with his wife Elizabeth Küfer (1821 - 1893) and their 6 children:

Julie Ida (1843 - ?)
Charles Auguste (1845 - 1937)
Julie Emma (1847 - bef 1883)

Théophile Auguste (1849 - 1913)
Louis (1851 - 1875)
Alcide (1855 - 1857)

They first settled in County Erie, Pennsylvania, until 1862, before moving to county LaGrange, Indiana in 1862, followed three years later by Greenfield Township and then finally on to Von Buren Township where he lived until his death.

They had the following additional children in the USA:

Frank (dates unknown)
Amos (1862 - 1938)

The information on this branch was sourced:

  • for ascendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar and Neuchâtel State Archives
  • for descendance, from living descendants of Charles Auguste Junod in the USA (Eastern & Montana) as well as from Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN, the Indiana State Archives and the LaGrange County Circuit Superior Courts.


Ancestors table - 4 generations