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To genealogists and historians the Register of Swiss Surnames has become an essential standard reference. Representing the status quo of the year 1962, it offers a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the families holding citizenship in a Swiss community. Each entry contains information on the place of origin (i.e. community of citizenship), time of naturalisation as well as previous place or country of origin.

The surnames below were extracted from my "Allied families around the world", listing those main surnames where I may have more information.

Surnames Origin Since Comments
Junod Lignières, NE 1300 incl. emigration to various countries
Junod Auvenier, NE 1480  
Junod Travers, NE 1420  
Junod Eternoz (25), France 1650 Only Junod branch not yet linked to Switzerland
Junod Nods, BE 1540  
Junod Riein, GR 1800 Branch where the origin in county VD or NE has not yet been established
Junod Savagnier, NE 1420 Extinct
Junod Cornaux, NE 1450 Extinct
Abitz Germany 1870 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Barbier Boudry, NE 1554 Fragments
Béguin Rochefort, NE 1650 Fragments
Berger Eclépens, VD 1712 Fragments
Berges Itter, Essen, Germany 1840 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Berthoud Fleurier, NE/font> 1550 Fragments
Blösch Mörigen, BE 1713 Settled in Lignières, NE
Bonjour Lignières, NE 1650 Incl. US emigration
Borel Couvert & Neuchâtel, NE - Fragments
Borioli Lugano, TI 1780 Settled in county Neuchâtel, NE
Bosse Germany 1860 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Botteron Nods, BE 1540 Family fragments, settled in Lignières, NE
Bourquin Diesse, Villeret, BE - Fragments
Brüne Glashütte i. Sachsen, Germany 1800 and allied families, Beyrich, Stulz, Schröder etc.
Brunkow Doelitz, Germany 1831 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Brunner Uetendorf, BE 1730 Settled in Bevaix, NE
Cellier Nods, BE 1480 Descend from the Junod and Tschiffeli
Chamot La Chaux s/Cossonay, VD 1770 allied to Junod, Guex etc.
Chiffelle Lignières, NE 1300 Family fragments, settled in Nods, BE, then Lignières, NE
Comtesse La Sagne & Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE 1400 Extracted from colonel Comtesse research, for most settled in Bevaix, NE
Contesse La Sagne & Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE 1400 Extracted from colonel Comtesse research, for most settled in Bevaix, NE
de Chambrier Neuchâtel,NE 1490 Fragments
de Coulon Neuchâtel,NE 1657 Fragments
de Meuron Neuchâtel,NE 1400 Fragments
de Montmollin Montmollin, NE 1450 Fragments
de Pourtalès Neuchâtel, NENE 1480 Fragments
de Rougemont Saint-Aubin, Sauges, Travers, Buttes, Noiraigues, Neuchâtel, NE 1520 Fragments
Descombes Lignières, NE 1670 Families/ascendants linked to the Junod + USA Emigration
Despland Grandson, VD 1680 Branch which settled in Fresens and Bevaix, NE
Dubois Buttes & Colombier, NE 1670  
Du Pasquier Fleurier, NE 1360 Fragments
Fallet Dombresson, NE 1550 Families/ascendants linked to the Junod
Fauguel Bevaix, NE & Concise, VD 1680 Originally "Vogel" from the area of Wohlen and Seedorf, BE
Gauchat Lignières, NE 1670 Families/ascendants linked to the Junod
Geiser Langenthal, BE - Fragments
Graf Glattfelden, ZH 1864 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Henry Cortaillod, NE 1800 Branch that settled in Bevaix, NE
Humbert-Droz Le Locle & La Chaux-de-Fonds 1400 Settled in Lignières, NE
Jeanmonod Provence, VD 1750 Branch that settled in Bevaix + some USA Emigration
Jeanneret Le Locle & Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE 1750 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Jegerlehner Biglen, BE 1750 Branch allied to Kaiser + USA Emigration
Kaiser Lohn, Ammannsegg, SO 1610  
Kolterman Doelitz, Germany 1800 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Krieg Radelfingen & La Neuveville, BE 1750 Settled in Neuchâtel, NE
Kufahl Germany 1874 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Lahme Germany 1770 Fragments
Löffel Münstchemier, BE 1769 Branches that settled in Lignières & Bevaix, NE
Luterbacher Lohn, SO 1640 Allied to Kaiser
Marten Germany 1830 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Martin Sainte-Croix, VD 1800 Fragments
Meiller/Mellier Bevaix, NE 1560 Allied to Junod + USA & Australia Emigration
Moser Arni, BE 1800 Allied to Kaiser
Pack Germany 1700 Fragments
Peugeot France 1500 Fragments
Racine Lamboing, BE 1650 Fragments
Ribaux Bevaix, NE 1350  
Schürch Rohrbach, BE 1620 Allied to Kaiser
Simon Lignières, NE 1650 Allied to Junod + USA Emigration
Stauffer Rotenbach, BE 1750 Allied to Junod
Strawn England 1680 Settled in Ohio, USA- originally named Straughan
Surdez Le Peuchapatte, JU 1846 Settled in Neuchatel, Kansas (USA)
Tardin, Tardent Ormont-Dessous, VD, La Roche, FR, Treyvaux, FR 1500 Fragments
Teske Landslow, Pomerania, D 1819 Descendants of Michael who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA
Tessendorf Doelitz, D 1795 Descendants of Michael Friedrich who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA
Tinembart Bevaix, NE 1835 Descendants of Constant and Susanne, born Mentha
Tschiffely, Tschiffeli, Schifley Sursee, LU, Nods, BE 1300 Fragmentsx, including USA emigration
Yegerlehner Biglen, BE 1870 Same family as the Jegerlehner higher up
Zabel Doelitz, D 1818 Descendants of Christopher Daniel who settled in the area of Onaga, KS, USA