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Bevaix, Neuchâtel, Switzerland... moved there by chance?

Where is Bevaix? Click here.

Resident of Bevaix since 1990, imagine my surprise when I discovered at the early stages of my Genealogy research (in 1993) that my great great grand father Louis Alphonse Junod* had married in Bevaix on May 12, 1860 a girl from that village : Victoire Justine née Mellier, daughter of David Henry Mellier (1813 - 1862) and of Madeleine Uranie, also née Mellier.

Through my "Mellier" and Ribaux" ancestors and from there various alliances, I became the (distant) cousin of many families that originate or settled in Bevaix.

Amongst them (so far):

Borioli of Lugano, TI & Bevaix, NE
Comtesse, of la Sagne and of Les Ponts-de-Martels, NE
Despland, of Grandson, NE
Dubois, of Buttes and of Colombier, NE
Gygi, of Kappelen, BE and of Bevaix, NE
Henry, of Cortaillod, NE
Löffel, of Muntschemier, BE
Maeder, of Ried bei Kerzers, FR
Mellier (Meiller), of Bevaix, NE
Ribaux, of Bevaix, NE
Tinembart, of Bevaix, NE

I naturally extended my research to these families (and allied) of or from Bevaix where I moved to ... by chance ?

Note the particularity of the surname MEILLER which became MELLIER by a 1847 decree. Many MEILLER families emigrated (for ex. to the USA) before that decree where they can be found under the original spelling MEILLER today.

As to the RIBAUX here is the meaning of their name as given by MM. Esmangart and Eloi Johanneau in their book (in French) Oeuvres de Rabelais, Tome IV: (freely translated below) :

"Those named Ribaux in the past were young robust people, who earned their living by charging and discharging the food products embarked on boats. One also called ribaux those which help pull up the boats on river's banks".

Link to the Genealogy web site of the Ribaux - by Claude Ribaux.

*Hawker, wine worker and mechanic, Louis Alphonse lived in Thielle (1841), Cortaillod, Bevaix and la Chaux-de-Fonds (as of 1887). They had 15 children.

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