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Junod, men of the Lord Bishop of Basel as noted in 1636

The men of Lignières who can bear arms (July 18, 1636)
(AENeuchâtel, D22 No 12. "Role of the men and families in the Town hall of Lignières)

In the Middle Ages, the town of Lignières had two lords, the lords of Neuchatel, and the Bishop of Basel. Following a transaction ..., the "Basler" abandoned all their rights in receiving from the Neuchâtel lords the collonges of Miécourt in Ajoie.

In the absence of extensive documentation before this agreement, it is not always easy to know which families depended from Neuchâtel, and which other from the diocese. To our knowledge, the following list is the only one to clear the count and the distinction between the two parts of the population of Lignieres. (Germain Hausmann).

A) Those who were at all times subject of those from Neuchâtel

- Noé Compagnet
- Jehan Compagnet
- Michel Compagnet, absent from the country
- Pierre Compagnet
- Adam Loclat
- Pierre Sarrazin
- Olivier Perroset
- Jacques, his son, absent from the country
- Guillaume Perroset
- Adam Jacquet
- Guillaume Brochaton
- Jacques Jacquet
- Pierre Descombes
- Adam Descombes
- Jehan Loclat
- Allexandre Bovet
- Adam Bovet
- Christe Bourquenier
- Michel Abraham
- Abraham Bourquenier
- Jehan Descombes
- Jacques Descombes
- Jacques Cosandier
- Jacques Compagnet
- Jehan Compagnet
- Abraham Jacquet
- Abraham, son of the late Jean Jacquet
- Jehan Perroset
- Pierre Perroset
- Guillaume Perroset
- Urs Loclat, absent from the country
- Abraham Descombes
- Adam Cosandier
- Jehan, son of the late Simon Loclat
- Pierre, son of the above Loclat, absent from the country

B) Those who before were under the Bishop of Basel, now under the Lord of Neuchâtel

- Jehan Semon (note: Simon)
- Jehan Chasnel (note : Chanel)
- Christe Junoud (note : Junod)
- Abraham Junoud
- Jehan Gauchat
- Jehan, his son
- Jacques Semon
- Urs Semon
- Jacques Bonjour
- Jehan Bonjour
- Jehan, son of the late George Gauchat
- Jehan, his son
- Pierre Semon
- Jacques Chasnel
- Pierre Langele
- Pierre Berrudet
- Jérémye Gauchat
- Michel Gauchat
- George Gauchat
- Adam Gauchat
- Pierre Gauchat, his son
- Pierre Chasnel
- Jacques Chasnel
- Christe Semon, leutenant
- Christe, his son
- Pierre Gauchat
- Adam Junoud
- David Gauchat
- Christe Gauchat
- Michel Gauchat, absent from the country
- Pierre Fargot
- Michel Bonjour
- Guillaume Bonjour
- Jehan Chiffelle
- Henry Chiffelle
- Jehan, son of the above Jean Chiffelle
- Pierre Chiffelle
- Jacques, son of the late Jérémie Gauchat
- Jehan, son of the late Benjamin Semon
- Jehan, son of the late Jacques Semon.