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Junod presence in Lignières before 1535...

"Mémoire concernant les droits que ceux de Lignières ont sur un certain district de bois riére la souveraineté de la Montagne de Diesse"
(Extract, AEN, CC1)

This document, found at the Neuchâtel State Archives (AEN) dates back to 1751. It brings more information on our presence in Lignières. (Free translation follows)

"To have a correct idea of the origin of the right in question, one must observe that before the year 1535, two kinds of inhabitants resided in the village of Lignières :

A) Men and families that belonged to the Lord, Count of Neufchâtel

B) Men and families that belonged to the Lord Archbishop of Bâle, such as:

1. The Gauchat
2. The Simon
3. The Chiffelle
4. The Chanel
5. The Junod
6. The Bonjour - in part
7. The Perrin
8. The Berrudet
9. The Faigot

These last 3 families are today extinct, so that only the first 5 and a part of the 6th family is still present.

These families were then called (in French) "People of the church of Bâle", which the church had in various villages such as Nidau, Gleresse, Douane, Düschers, Alfermée. These people were subject to march to war on order of a Lord Archbishop of Bâle, also subject to taxes, fines, utility work, etc.

For this, the Lord Archbishop was obliged to protect them, administer Justice and, amongst other, provide them with the eases of life for their subsistence and preservation...".