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Frédéric Louis Junod, born on 18 November 1791 in Lignières, emigrated with a group of Bernese in 1819, settling in Athens, Athens County, Ohio.

The information on this family was gathered from documents found essentially at the Civil Registry of Lignières, at the Neuchâtel State Archives, in the publication of Prof. Philippe Henry of the Neuchâtel University "Une lettre d'Amérique en 1837 - Remarques sur l'Emigration Neuchâteloise au début du XIXème siècle" (published in "le Musée Neuchâtelois", issue No 1/89), as well as data received from descendants.

The Swiss family farm "Favarger" (Lignières, 1995)
Building that was once the "Junod Milling Company" (Herbert Augustus) in Athens, Ohio a bloc or so away from the Historical Society & Museum (1995).

My visit to Athens dates back to 1995, thanks to cousins Charles "Chuck", his wife Laurie and their children Matthew and Stephanie (with whom we still exchange via Email occasionally). We were also warmly welcomed by the Museum and Athens County Historical Society then Executive Director, Jo Prisley.

Here the newspaper article that was published in the Athens Messenger for that occasion...

Ancestors table - 4 generations