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Argentina - San Carlos, Provincia de Santa Fe ...

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Fédéric Louis Junod, born on 15 décembre 1837, dies in San Carlos on March 8th, 1880.

He leaves Switzerland around 1860-1863 for Argentina where he marries on March 17th, 1864 Julie Anne (later Julia Annanda) Ramseyer and with whom he has 2 boys and 4 daughters. His first names also change, to Frederico Luis.

The information on this branch was sourced:

  • For ascendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar and Neuchâtel State Archives
  • For descendance, from the Church IGLESIA VALDENSE (Protestant Parish) of San Carlos SUD, Provincia de Santa Fe, thanks to the help from the:

ASOCIACION SUIZA GERMANA, San Carlos Centro, Provincia de Santa Fe, whose secretary, Dra. Monica Ester Ramseyer is a descendant of the in-laws of Frédéric Louis Junod.

Ancestors chart - 4 generations


I am still looking for information that will allow me to find more about Frédéric Louis' life, the whereabout of his children, and perhaps even hear from descendants of Frédéric Louis.