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Jean Jacob Junod, born on 29 November 1765 in Lignières, son of Jean Jacques and Marie Catherine née Carrel. Jean Jacob dies 26 December 1838 in Goersdorf.

Military at the service of France (mercenary), he decided not to come back home at the end of his duty but to settle in Goersdorf, home of a military companion.

His family in Lignières was left without news on his whereabout and wether dead or alive - at least until 1810, year where he was officially excluded from the Bonjour-Junod confraternity (which he helped founding) "for him and his descendants".

He married Anne Marie Geist on 7 Aug 1798 in Goersdorf. Their son Jacques, born 17th May 1799 was the source of numerous descendants, for most settled in Alsace.

At the death of his spouse in 1817, he recognized a natural child, Salomé, daughter of Salomé Müller (1778 - 1838), providing another lineage and numerous descendants bearing the surname Junod.

The information on this branch was sourced:

  • For ascendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar and Neuchâtel State Archives
  • For descendance, from living descendants of Jean Jacob Junod

Our cousin Albert Junod pointed out to me the change of one of his ancestors early last Century (19th), from Junod into Junot, following some transcript errors. This was later corrected back.

Below a picture of the Goersdorf family house owned since the early 20th century.

(picture taken on 27th May 2007 - click on it to enlarge)

Ancestors chart - 4 generations