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From Rikatla (Mozambique) through Shiluvane (Transvaal) to Pretoria/Tshwane...

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Henri Alexandre Junod, bon on 17 May 1863 in St Martin (near Neuchâtel), Switzerland, died in Geneva (Switzerland) on 22 Aprill 1934. He was burried in Rikatla (Mozambique) where he spent numerous years as Missionary - ethnograph.

On 18 March 1889 he married in Couvet (near Neuchâtel), Switzerland, to Emilie Julie née Biolley. When Emilie died on 10 July 1901 in Shiluvane, Transvaal (near Tzaneen), South Africa, Henri Alexandre married again on 15 March 1904 in Zürich, Switzerland, to Sophie Hélène née Kern.

Sources of information for this branch are, mainly :

  • For ascendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar and Neuchâtel State Archives
  • For descendance, essentially Lignières Civil registrar, Neuchâtel State Archives and family members

While the descendants of Henri Alexandre's first marriage settled in the area of Prétoria (Tschwane), descendants of his second marriage remained and settled (for most) in Switzerland.

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