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Jean Louis Junod

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Auvernier & Junod*

*(Armorial Tripet & Colin - 1707. Variation : silver instead of gold)

Jean Louis Junod, is the forbearer of dozens of present day Junods spread out mostly across the United States. Born in Geneva, his line originated in Auvernier; the earliest known ancestor being Jaquet Droge aka Junod, who lived at the end of the 15th/beginning of the 16th centuries.

Somewhere between the time of Jaquet Droge, and Jean Louis the surname took on the added descriptive "dit banderet," as in "Junod-dit-Banderet." Meaning "Junod (the one) called flag-bearer," it set the family apart from several other Junod branches present in Auvernier at the time. As the family moved, they eventually dropped the "dit-Banderet" all together.

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These pages, the research work and what is published are compliment of Tom Junod, descendant of Jean Louis Junod.